Saturday, May 3, 2008


Wow, what a morning. . .full of creativity and expression! The big boys and I headed out to the Art Studio and littlest man and Daddy headed to check out and finalize our plans for our new Play Set. Well, the big boys had their 1st experience on the Pottery Wheel - you talk about some fun, woohoo! I have been eyeing the pottery wheels for about a year now and checking them out and doing some research on the different brands, etc because they are such a big investment. Today just sealed the deal for us. . .we will definitely be keeping our eye out for one. While the initial cost is a bit salty, we have 4 children (+2 adults!) that will be able to use this and that divided down over say. . .the next 12yrs, is more than reasonable. We LOVE our art teachers - they are so wonderful, full of excellent talent, and always take the time to give us direction in where our best options are to accumulate different supplies and access items (like a kiln) for our area - they're just such a blessing!

We also had our 1st Drama class today and that was great fun! Our little men really enjoyed it and were singing the songs all day long. . .all of us actually! :-) The Drama teacher thinks we may have some little actors among our crew! I thoroughly enjoyed watching them and their facial expressions and demeanor while doing their different forms of expression - such a hoot! It was amazing how they really got into it!

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