Friday, May 16, 2008

Mammoth Cave

This is the old historic entrance, you can see the stairway down - it actually goes under a slow-trickling waterfall. The view was just breath-taking. While they don't use this entrance anymore, you can still go down the stairs, unless the water level is high, then they have it blocked off.
These shots are from our tour that we did - the Frozen Niagara tour, it was phenomenal! And just the right substance and length (time-wise) for the boys.
This shot was at the very end of our tour and on the bottom level of the cave. Right across from this was an amazing waterfall. It had been shut off the previous week because of the water level; we were blessed to be there when we were and get to experience the bottom level - just incredibly beautiful.
This is from the first level of the cave and you can really see some of the structural levels and texture in this shot. The spots appear pretty narrow, however, they really were not this narrow in the walk-way, which was nice.
At first glance these appear to be large spiders (at least to us they did), however, they are really crickets. Daddy and I cannot remember the name of this particular cricket - anyone know? Hmmm. . . we'll be searching this out! :-)
Mammoth Cave National Park actually has over 365 miles of caves. . . WOW! We were blessed to have the tour director that we did - his family was actually 4th generation diggers and his wealth of knowledge to share was just incredible. We also had a very small tour - it was just our family of 6 and then 2 other couples and that made it really enjoyable. The boys had questions the whole way thru and the small size of our group made it possible for them to ask all of their questions. . . and what a wonderful, patient man he was to answer them all!

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