Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama's Little Secret

Meet the Oreck Orbiter. . . my little secret to quick, efficient cleaning! lol This bad boy cleans it all. . .hard wood floors, laminates, tile, stone, carpet, upholstery, etc! I LOVE it! I have cleaned our wood floors on my hands and knees for the last 6yrs because everything else under the sun would leave marks and that drives me bonkers! :-( In my pursuit to make better use of my cleaning time, I came across this lovely blessing. We are fans of Oreck - they're a great company with awesome customer service, fabulous products and they stand behind them (which is pretty hard to find these days!). . . so I figured, "what do I have to lose?" I tried it out and you couldn't pry it from hands now! (kinda like my breadmaker! lol) Oh and one of my nearest and dearest ask about "corners" and so of course I set out to find the answer. . . yep, it's a breeze! You can move the bonnet (the padding you see on the bottom in the pic above) up and then it runs very nicely around trim and corners - such a godsend! Ladies. . . you've got to try this out!

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