Friday, May 23, 2008

Thank God it's Friday!

Our big boys writing sentences. . . "What are they writing?" you asked, well read on!
Yep, we took a detour from our scheduled/planned studies today and took some much-needed time to discuss the importance of respect and listening. (Turns out they DO have ears today - I checked and they were still intact!) ;-)
We started our morning out with a trip to the Strawberry Festival with some friends (God bless those friends - we hope to see them again some time. . . especially after today! lol). . . and let's just say that things were downhill from there for a bit. When we returned from our morning out, I decided to refocus our lovely children whose hearing seemed to have disappeared. After a discussion about respect and listening and a review of our "family rules", things seemed to turn around (Praise God!). We reconnected over oatmeal and raisin muffins and a nice cold glass of milk. (To my loving husband - I know you're wondering if you'll ever see anything this week besides food on our blog. . . I sure hope so Babe! lol) Are ya all sensing a "theme" the last few days??? Yeah, it's been challenging the last couple of days but we ended on a positive note. All 4 of our men had stacks of books out and were reading to themselves and each other. . . what a lovely site to see - sorry no pic of that, I'm whooped! And I know you Mamas know what I mean! :-)
Sidenote: As I close this week, Daddy and I are sitting here listening to 3 sweet voices singing back in their bedroom. . .God bless them. . . and God bless us! ;-D

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