Friday, May 16, 2008

Dinosaur World

Here are my 5 handsome men. . . the lights of my life!
Here you see littlest man & I, ds3 on the left just intrigued by all of the amazing dinos we were blessed to witness. And of course ds2 just smiling. . . as usual!
Here are the 4 boys at the beginning of our walk thru all the different types of dinosaurs. The pic shows how huge these replicas truly are!
Another shot inside the museum - it was just amazing.
Love this shot of the big boys - ds1 was wrapped around s3 & s4 with shear excitement and they were literally holding him up! :-)
Here are our little men showcasing their fossils that they found during their fossil dig - pretty cool!
Such an amazing time we had. . . all of us! It was great fun for Daddy and I to watch their facial expressions and body language as they took all of this magnificence in. They had over 100 life-size dinosaur replicas. The big boys are just enthralled with Dino's so it was a wonderful learning experience to be able to see and name the ones that they were familiar with and distinguish which ones were meat-eaters versus plant-eaters. The museum had some fabulous pieces that we got to see as well. They also had a paleontology area to view. We went and had some lunch and then returned for a 'fossil dig' which the boys thoroughly enjoyed. They got to dig for awhile and then they were able to choose their 3 favorite fossils to keep and take home (which is what you see up above in the last pic). We spent about half a day here and then headed on to Mammoth Cave National Park (I'll post those pics separately).

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Chelle said...

I wish we could have met you at Dinosaur world. That's not too far of a trip for us, but my parents were in town so we had fun with them.

How did your boys like Mammoth Caves? I thought maybe the kids were slightly too young to take them there. But I know my dh is chomping at the bit to take them.