Saturday, May 10, 2008

Phase 1: Playset building begins

This is the beginning of our morning. . .the start of our project. . .phase 1, day 1
Ds4 helping out. . . trying out his 'hammering' skills
Daddy and I worked all morning and into the early afternoon to get the foundation and base of the 1st floor of the clubhouse in place. . . it's starting to take shape (notice all our little helpers!)
I got the little men and myself some lunch and we took a break to refuel our bodies. Our very hard-working Daddy declined a break and kept pushing through.
We got the 2nd floor up and completed the flooring and bases - looking good!
This is how we looked at the end of day 1, not bad I think.
Tomorrow is supposed to be an overcast day with "chance" of showers. . . we are so hoping that is not the case, as we're wanting to complete our project tomorrow and the rain would certainly interfere with that goal / timeline. Praying for rain only through the night and NO rain for tomorrow.

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