Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

We just returned from voting this morning - it's 'Super Tuesday!' Notice they each have an 'I voted' sticker? The big boys have been accompanying me to the poll for as long as I can remember and today was no different, except we had another little one in tow. It was funny to hear them asking all of these questions of the people there about voting. . .they were the hit of the show! lol We've been discussing voting and how it works and our responsibility to seek out the candidates who best match with our family philosophy and who can help enable us to do God's work for the better. . .they're so inquisitive and I just love it. Oh, and funny thing about this shot, you can see ds4 has his finger up in the air and he's saying 'Go Vote!' How cute is that?! lol So, do your part, and be sure to vote!

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