Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Wii Time!

Who doesn't like a little Wii?! It's fun for the whole family. . . and did I mention quite a little work out?! lol Our family, especially the boys, LOVE their Wii. It was a Christmas gift for the little men from Nana & Pappa G and we have put quite a few miles on this bad boy! lol Fridays are our Wii game night and Daddy stops and gets a new game and brings it home. The big boys literally start talking about what game Daddy might bring home as soon as their sweet little eyes awaken in the morning. . . it's a highlight of their day! It's not even so much the game(s) that we're playing, but the fact that we're getting such great quality family time, making great memories and having a blast together! And did I mention it's quite a work out?! lol

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