Saturday, April 26, 2008

Earth Day Celebration

Here are all 5 of my very handsome men! (Daddy doesn't like this shot of him, but I LOVE it) Sorry Babe! :)
They were busy non-stop from the time they opened the yard, the boys and I enjoyed watching this pile grow.
And of course the boys REALLY enjoyed watching the Mag Crane and the Grapel Crane in action - we had such a fabulous time.
Here is Daddy walking/checking on the activities in the yard - it was BUSY!
After all of the festivities and the yard closed, we got a personal tour from Daddy. . . and littlest man got a ride as well! lol

We celebrated Earth Day at Daddy's work and got to see Daddy in action - what a wonderful team they have up there. The wives and family members were also there to help serve up 400 hot dogs (yep, you read that right!), chips, soda and bottled water to all the customers bringing in scrap. The boys and I enjoyed getting to meet people that Daddy works with and the family members of his workers; such fabulous, kind people! We got to see all kinds of items being brought in for scrap, like an old school bus, a bobcat, a forklift, all kinds of old vehicles. . . it was quite a learning experience for the boys (and I). We discussed the process of it being torn/smashed down into scrap, resold/recycled, and reused and what an important part of our environment this process truly is. What a fabulous day we had - thank you Daddy!

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