Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Date

This is how S3 and I started our "date" - we went to E's dance recital and wow, we had such a lovely time. E was in the Lion King performance and did a phenomenal job! S3 was quite excited to see his friend on the stage, performing. (she's the 2nd from the back)
Here's a close up of E twirling her ribbon.
S3 quite happy, at his choice of restaurant. . .'The Hamburger Place'. lol
Yes, I took a picture, because I knew no one would believe me unless I had a picture to "prove" what we had for lunch, my ds and I! :-)
And here, of course, is the true reason of why he wanted to go here - the Play/Climbing area. Let's face it, Daddy's grilled burgers are WAY better than The Hamburger Place. Nonetheless, when each of the little men get their "date" with Mama, they get to choose what we do, where we go, and what and where we eat and this was his choice. I have to share this, when we were ordering our food he said, "I want a hamburger, chocolate shake (make that a small please!), and 1 chocolate chip cookie please. . . no, 2 chocolate chip cookies please so Mommy has one." Now, is that not just the sweetest? I'm telling ya, their Daddy has taught them well! (Thank you Huney, you are the best!)

Our family time is VERY important to us and we really enjoy our quiet, bonding time together. Also, I do alot of talking about how important Date Night is for you and your spouse, well let me also suggest trying to seize the moment and do some "dates" with each of your children, allowing 1:1 time. We have been doing Mommy and son date time since the big boys have been 2yrs old and I cannot say enough about it - give it a try and you'll see exactly what I mean! You'll love it! ;-)

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