Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Art Studio Wednesdays

Here are our boys during Clay Class - they love this class. Today they were creating fish and here they are cutting out their big scale fish. They then put all of their details on, slit and scored it and applied eyes, mouth, etc. Can wait to see these after they're fire glazed - then they'll apply their paint.
This is our Painting and Drawing class and today they were working on a Magnolia Tree. . . below is DS#3's finished painting. He even applied the blue sky - isn't it lovely?

This is our Drumming Class which is the boys favorite - they so LOVE this class. We have 3 classes that we do on Wednesdays, Clay/Painting & Drawing/Drumming. The teachers are all incredibly amazing and I am pleasantly surprised at how well they all work to include DS#4 in their projects. . . he of course just loves it!

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