Monday, April 28, 2008

The Princess & The Pea

Well, the day finally arrived. . . our long-awaited theater performance of 'The Princess & The Pea'. We've had tickets reserved for about 3 months and today was the day. We had such a fabulous time and all 4 of the boys enjoyed the performance. I smiled to myself because the boys have been to quite a few theater performances, beginning at the age of 2. . . the same age as ds4. . . this was his 1st performance (sniff/sniff). I looked at s4 today during the performance and reminisced about the 1st theater performance the boys ever went to. There they were, 3 2yr olds all sitting in their seats, eagerly awaiting the live performance of Sesame Street - what a treat it was for Daddy and I to watch them as their sweet little faces lit up watching all of the hoopla - such a joy. Today was another milestone moment as littlest man experienced his "first" in the theater arena. After the performance was over, the boys were able to talk with the actor/actresses and they really enjoyed that. Then we all went and enjoyed a lovely lunch at the cafe and chatted about the highlights of the performance and about our plans for the week. . . yes, another wonderful day spent with my men, well 4 of them anyways! ;-)

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