Monday, April 21, 2008

Are We There?!

S2 was sooo excited to reach our destination. . . we were meeting some of our oldest and dearest friends, the F family to play and hike and have some yummy, healthy dinner! The boys get incredibly stoked when it's time to get together with these friends - something we've been doing since the kids have all been about 18mo old. It's very special because they only have memories of the F family just always being around and involved in their lives since they don't remember before that. . . very sweet. We had a lovely time playing, eating, hiking, more eating and more playing! We are so thankful to be blessed and surrounded with friends who are really our extended family. (And on a side note, doesn't his hair cut look nice? He had been asking to get it cut so we knew it was time. . . usually he doesn't like it shorter but it looks so darn handsome on him!)

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