Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shoe Thief Strikes Again

Shoe. . . shoe. . . oh shoe, where are you??? Uh huh, I'm wondering if any of you know the shoe thief as well? Does he come and visit your house too??? It is astonishing for me to think of how one actually loses a shoe. . . I mean seriously. . .I am very well organized, have taught (or that I had! ;-)) our boys how to be organized, and we even have a system in place. Yet somehow, we are missing a shoe! And truth be told, it's not just one shoe, nope. . . it's 1 shoe today for ds4, but ds2 and 3 have each lost a croc to the shoe thief over the last 6months. Pretty soon, we may have to start charging the shoe thief for all these great new shoes he's accumulating! ;-D Sooo today, our handsome youngest one was stylin' in his own kind of. . . hmmm. . . we'll say. . . fashion! :-)

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