Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Tooth Gone

DS1 - and his new fabulous grin! :-)
Tooth #3 gone. . . and exactly 1 week before celebrating his 6th birthday - what a morning! His brothers are sooo excited for him, it's so sweet! :-) He is the only one out of the trio to have lost any yet and it's hard to tell who's more excited . . . him. . .or his brothers. And yes, of course I cried - but then those of you who know me well, probably already figured that. He was so cute - he said, "I know, you're crying because I'm growing up." (sniff/sniff) Yes my sweet son, it's bittersweet for Mama.


Chelle said...

He's the ONLY one to have lost teeth? He lost 3 teeth? I was looking at the picture and trying to figure out the other 2 that were lost and I can't tell.

He's a cutie!


Proud Parents of 4 said...

Thanks Chelle! Yes, the only one, can ya believe it?! He lost one on top and one on bottom back in the fall and nope, you can't tell because they're all grown in. The dentist was just commenting on how great those 2 "adult" teeth look at our cleaning today - yay! :-)