Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birth Day. . .our babies are 6!

What a morning. . . full of laughter, giddiness, wide-mouth smiles, lots of hugs and kisses and LOTS of excitement! We arose bright and early and let the big boys open up their gifts before we hit the road for their birthday trip. Daddy and I had packed the night before so pretty much everything was loaded and ready to go - it was a nice, relaxed time spent just basking in the glory of their sweet littles faces and shouts of shear happiness. I love to treasure these moments. . . I can hardly believe our babies are 6 today. . . it seems just yesterday I was on bedrest, just hanging out gestating, eating 4000 calories a day and reading to them in the womb. . . how is it possible our babies are 6?! It just goes too fast. . .

Our big boys ask if we could take a birthday trip so, per their request, we headed to the amusement park of their choice where we had the BEST time! Daddy & I were so impressed with the park and their cleanliness and family-friendliness - it was simple and purely THE BEST place to spend the best day! :-) Thank you Jesus, for these amazing little boys you have lent to us!

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