Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Little Helper

I love mornings. . . early mornings. . . right after Daddy leaves I am up moving around the house and working on this and/or that, getting things ready for our day, starting some baking and cooking. . . it's just so quiet and peaceful. Well, this morning, littlest man came out to the kitchen and wanted me to "snuggle" him into the great room so he'd still be within eye-shot of me, so of course I complied. Well, along comes Miss Georgia to snuggle up in the chair with him and keep 'watch' over him while he went back to sleep. And she proceeded to stay there until he awoke about an hour and a half later! Yes, she is indeed my little helper. ;-)


Blessed Mom said...

Holy cow that dog is huge!

Proud Parents of 4 said...

ROTFLO. . .she's "only" 18wks old in this pic! lol :-)