Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Isn't it just beautiful?! I'm just gazing at how intricate the design is. . . and well. . . I just love it! It has fabulous rubies that just shine like the sun. . .it's just so pretty. I love things that are 'antiquish' looking and this is exactly that. My wonderful husband is so funny - it's kind of like a joke between us. . . how early will he be with giving me something he buys? Today is not actually my birthday but he's like a kid in the candy store - he just can't stand it! ;-) He knows I LOVE surprises and will gladly wait until the specified day but he on the other hand, well, he just can't do it! So, ya never know when things are coming from him (which is a surprise in and of itself!). . . it could be a week early. . . or three weeks early! lol I love him. . . and I love the way he loves me. Yes, I appreciate the gift and the thought that I know he puts into selecting just the right thing he wants to give me, but above all I just love his steadfast and amazing love. God really blessed me with him and I thank Him for that every day. And thank you Huney - it's absolutely beautiful and I love it! :-) Love you Babe!