Thursday, July 24, 2008

Angels vs. Red Sox

Yep, we are the "Angels"! (Have they MET our boys?! lol) Just kidding. . . we have SOOO enjoyed baseball this season - what a joy to watch the big boys have their first experience as part of a team for baseball. These kids are truly a hoot to watch! We are pretty much an all boy team, with the exception of one little girl and boy is she a doll, not to mention she has quite a little arm! Could be the fact that she is one 8 children and definitely knows how to play and keep up with her siblings! ;-) The boys have just really enjoyed playing and Daddy is helping coach so that's been extra special for them too. As our baseball season is coming to a close, 2 of our big boys are now asking about basketball, so we'll see what the schedule looks like. S1 absolutely loves to play basketball so we'll certainly do everything we can to arrange that for him. :-)

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