Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

One of the ladies who was in charge of the festivities here graciously offered to take a picture for us so we took her up on that kind offer!
DS4 and his creation of a "mower". . . he was rolling the ball with the stick and "mowing" the outer perimeter of the field. . . very creative if you ask me!
DS3 - Our champion bubble blower! lol
DS1 LOVES basketball - and he's pretty good! He was keeping up with the big boys pretty well! :-)
DS2 enjoying the last of his ice cream treat right before the fireworks show began.
DS2 took this shot of Daddy and I. . . he loves to use Mommy's camera! Perhaps a budding photographer?
We had such a fabulous day from beginning to end! We got up and grabbed some granola bars and made a big batch of smoothies and then the big boys and I headed out for a date with Mommy while littlest man had some individual time with Daddy. The big boys escorted me to the movies and we saw Wall-E, which I thought was pretty good and the boys enjoyed. While we vegged at the movies, Daddy and little guy did some shopping and then we all met up at the mall later. Then we grabbed some food at home, rode bikes and played and then took a little nap before we headed to the fireworks festivities. We tried a new place this year and we really enjoyed it - it was not too packed, peaceful, the people were very friendly and they had lots for kids of all ages. First we grabbed some dinner, then we enjoyed some play time for a few hours before the big show. Daddy treated us to some ice cream (do you see a theme in our family??? We LOVE ice cream!) and then we all snuggled up on our quilt and watched the fireworks. . . they were great! Oh and the really great thing about our new location - we weren't stuck in traffic for 3 hours trying to get home. . .oh yeah, that was great! ;-)

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