Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pool Fun

DS3 - such a little dare-devil in the water! He is afraid of NOTHING! (keeping us on our toes always!)
DS1 - He too loves to swim and does not want to be outdone (a little peer pressure, I think, from his bro)

DS2 - Yay, he's swimming! He got it this summer while staying with Pappa & Nana P. . . being in the pool everyday truly does make a difference!
DS4 - Just hammin' it up. . . as usual! ;-)
We had such a lovely time visiting with Pappa & Nana P - they sooo spoil these boys! :-) It's just so great to be with family and I just truly enjoy watching the boys nestled in the love and quality time spent with their Grandparents. . . such a blessing! Thank you Dad & P for the wonderful vacation - it was very gracious of you and we had a fabulous time!

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