Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christ is Risen!

DS#4 was thrilled to find his Easter basket - he immediately went for the organic graham sticks! And he was oh so proud of his new boxers he received - so much so that he insisted on trying every pair on! lol
Ah yes, DS#1 - he is our chocolate eater at Easter time, boy does he like to scarf down the candy! lol He 1st enjoyed his organic chocolate chip cookies and then moved on to his 'Seeds of Faith' candy as he mulled over his new notebook.

DS#2 - he immediately starting scanning the new videos in his basket and decided to choose one of his Kids 10 Commandments for some entertainment. These are great videos and I cannot recommend them enough - sooo worth adding to your video library. Our little men all enjoy them and they have such a wonderful way of teaching/reaching the kids so they truly get the message and have a good conceptual understanding of the commandment it's focusing on. He is our slow eater (yes, like his Mama) so he enjoyed his "treats" for pretty much the morning hours! lol
DS#3 - he truly LOVES the seeking out of his basket, and truth be told, he's quite the good little hunter! When devouring his treats, he opens them all and samples a little bit from each at a time. . . he's such a hoot to watch! Oh and he let us know that perhaps next year we may want to try hiding his basket 'a little harder'! lol (It never fails, he makes us laugh all the time)

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