Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Boys

DS#1 has the most amazing blue eyes - they are just surreal.

SUPER excited about the new super-soakers - obviously! lol They were the hit of the day!

DS#3 - he is the ornery one of our trio - totally ALL boy! I love this shot because it's just the perfect display of his personality.

DS#2 - I am in love with this shot of him. . . it shows his serious side, he's such a thinker and such a handsome little man.

DS1, 2 & 3 celebrated their 5th bday! Wow, unbelievable! They had a super time opening gifts and then they were outside playing with their super soakers before 8:30am. We had a fabulous day and closed it out with a visit to Cold Stone where, as you can see in the last photo, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! (Notice my niece giving her Mommy quite 'the look'! lol)

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